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Established in 1997

Kart Racing R&D 2000

Kart Part Production 2002

Circle Track Race Car Parts 2005

Full line Race Car Dealer 2008

INDEMNIFICATION for all purchases and communications from this website or in person: Buyer hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Sellerís Parties and their successors and assigns from and against all liabilities, obligations, costs, losses, demands, actions, proceedings, claims, damages and penalties (including, without limitation, all legal costs and costs of enforcement) incurred or suffered by any of the Sellerís Parties and arising out of or relating to Buyers purchase, possession, use, operation or re-sale of Products or of the information, designs, services or other work supplied to buyer, whether caused by the concurrent and/or contributory negligence of buyer, Seller, or any of their agents, employees or suppliers. The obligations, indemnities and covenants contained in this paragraph shall survive the consummation or termination of any transaction.


Because of their intended usage, HDM Performance Parts makes no warranties whatsoever, expressed or implied, written or oral, to purchasers of their products regarding performance, safety, fit, merchantability, or length of service.

Purchasers are responsible for selection of proper goods and must rely on their own skills or judgment that such goods are suitable for purchasers application.

HDM Performance Parts are designed specifically for racing. To be used only on designated racetracks. All  HDM products must be properly maintained by its operator. Operator must insure all components are adjusted and functioning correctly prior to use. HDM does not provide or imply any warranty on its karts, cars, kart or car components, accessory products or race gear offered. HDM recommends that all equipment operators develop their skills through a certified racing school and that they use repair information, caution, and safety gear when working on equipment and equipment components. Contact your local dealer, racing club, or national association for safety information.





Spy Optics available online.

Thor Oil and Tire Prep now available.

Hyper Coil brand coil over springs are now available

Digatron Gauges and Instruments online ordering.

Rivets and Sheet Metal now available.



 Latest Updates...

HDM has added the following to our product line.

Karting Jackets

FSR Radiators

Racing gloves

Braces & Supports

Racing  Wheels




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