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hdmheaderplate.JPG (79685 bytes) 

The HDM Header Brace Plate will mount directly on top of the head of the 5hp Briggs and Stratton race motor. The plate is a CNC machined 3/8" thick 6061 Aluminum and is supplied with a 5/16"-18 tapped hole along with a 5/8" long socket head cap screw. This tapped hole and screw is used to secure a piece of steel flat (not supplied) to the motor and header pipe. This additional reinforcement will aid in prevention of header pipe breakage due to rough track conditions


tankbrace-hdm.jpg (164041 bytes)

The HDM Tank Support Brace mount directly to the existing holes in your OEM tank brace and engine block on the 5hp flat head. This tank brace is CNC machined to fit over the OEM brace to additional support to the fuel tank and carburetor. This brace is also supplied with an auxiliary tapped hole so the user could put a secondary bolt through the OEM brace into the HDM brace if they desire.

The HDM brace is unique in that it cradles the back of the tank. Users can add a bead of silicone (not included) between the brace and the tank for added vibration dampening. This silicone will also help to prevent the tank and brace from wearing on one another.


mychron_mount-installed.jpg (230617 bytes) mychron_mount-hdm.jpg (252408 bytes)

We have had a few drivers asking for a mount to fit a MyChron that will fit onto the steering shaft rather than the steering wheel bolts. So, HDM is now offering our split clamp MyChron Mount.

This bracket is designed to mount directly to your 5/8" steering shaft or other 5/8" tubing.

The champ kart racers will appreciated this part since you can mount it to the steering shaft even after the quick release nut is welded in place. It also allows the steering wheel to be removed without the problems found with current wheel mounted brackets.

The main mounting hole is 6" center-to-center from the steering shaft. However, the slot in the bracket will allow for alternate mounting heights if required.

Since this can be mounted anywhere along the steering shaft your Mychron can be mounted lower on the line of site for the Junior drivers. 

Item Name: MyChron Split Mount
Item Number: MYC-MNT-6
Price: Discontinued






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