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Longacre offers a wide variety of racing parts and accessories. So many, that we can not list them all here. Below are a few of the more popular items. If you do not see a Longacre item you are needing simply call or email us for pricing and delivery.

LONGACRECCGAUGE.JPG (12111 bytes) Accurate to 1/4 degree, includes magnetic adapter and storage case. It has a 1.55" diameter recess in the face to clear spindle nut. Measures to +/- 8 caster & +/- 6 camber. Can be used without turn-plates. Accurate to 1/4". Replacement vials available.
CG-78260 Bubble Caster Camber Gauge With Adapter $124.99
CG-78250 Bubble Caster Camber Gauge Without Adapter $94.99
CG-78240 Replacement Camber Vial $18.49
CG-78242 Replacement Caster Vial $18.49
CG-78244 Replacement Level Vial $8.99
CG-78421 Magnetic Adapter Only $61.99

longacreDurometer.JPG (16232 bytes)T-50560.jpg (12077 bytes) Durometer with pouch. Precisely measure tire hardness. Reads from 0-100 points. Super accurate, easy to read, easy to use. Calibrated in 1/32", Accurate to 1/128" (less than .010") . Comes with padded pouch.
DU-50540 0-100 Points Durometer $56.9
T-50560 Tread Depth Gauge $19.99

GaugeLine.jpg (15831 bytes) Stainless Steel Braided Teflon gauge line in 24, 36, 48 & 60" lengths comes with block fittings and installed ends. Use with oil or fuel pressure gauges.
GL-4502 24" Gauge Lines $17.99
GL-4503 36" Gauge Lines $20.99
GL-4504 48" Gauge Lines $23.99
GL-4505 60" Gauge Lines $28.99

BrakeBiasGauge.jpg (15781 bytes) Longacre Mini and Regular Description brake bias gauges. Both include 2  - 1500 PSI gauges and
fittings with bleeders. Mini gauges are 1 1/2 inch.
BG-44126 Mini Brake Bias Gauge $69.99
BG-44136 Standard Brake Bias Gauge $74.99

sendingunits1.jpg (10440 bytes) Longacre Fuel Pressure, Oil Pressure and Water Temperature sending units.
GP-4302 Fuel Pressure $20.99
GP-4308 Oil Pressure $14.99
GP-4325 Water Temperature $15.99








Spy Optics available online.

Thor Oil and Tire Prep now available.

Hyper Coil brand coil over springs are now available

Digatron Gauges and Instruments online ordering.

Rivets and Sheet Metal now available.



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HDM has added the following to our product line.

Karting Jackets

FSR Radiators

Racing gloves

Braces & Supports

Racing  Wheels




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