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Amsoil Auto Racing Oils

We are an independent Amsoil dealer.

218 Husting Lane

Benton KY 42025





AMSOIL Dominator Synthetic Racing Oil features an additive package heavily fortified with zinc and phosphorus for superior long-term wear protection. Designed for maximum durability, it ensures critical engine components are protected for the duration of the race. Dominator Synthetic Racing Oilís superior additive technology provides unmatched durability in extreme conditions. In addition, its high levels of zinc and phosphorus additives make it ideal for street rods, muscle cars and other vehicles with flat-tappet cams.


Many oil companies produce specialty racing oils for elite groups and do not offer them to the general public. For instance, several popular oil manufacturers produce racing oils offered only to NASCAR racers. All AMSOIL synthetic motor oils are already formulated to a higher level of performance than competitorsí oils, and AMSOIL Dominator Synthetic Racing Oil is no exception. It provides maximum performance and superior protection to all racers, regardless of their level of competition. The same AMSOIL Dominator Synthetic Racing Oil that is used in the engines of AMSOIL corporately-sponsored racers, including Scott Douglas and Brady Smith, are available to everyone.


Please note, Amsoil is sold through the Amsoil store only and any Amsoil order can not be combined with an order from the HDM site. By clicking the links you will be taken to the Amsoil store.

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5W20 Racing Oil

10W30 Racing Oil

15W50 Racing Oil 

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