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The HDM Adjustable Bearing Cassette (or Weight Jacker) is designed to fit standard 1 1/4 Rear Bearings. Both the front plate and back plate are CNC machined for 6061T6 Aluminum. The adjusting bolt is a hefty 3/8" diameter and is fine thread to allow for precise adjustments. The adjustable cassette is supplied with four lock down bolts and one adjustment bolt with jam nut. Bearing is not included. This cassette will NOT accept the large O.D. Sealmaster bearing.

Below is a list of chassis our customer's are running using the standard HDM cassette.

 Coyote, Margay, Twister Lightning II, Ultramax, Banshee, Rage, Laser AV2, Shadow ZX-1

The HDM Wide Pattern Cassette was specifically designed to fit the Phantom Nemesis. We also incorporated the bolt pattern for the Banshee in this one as well.

Either of these adjustable cassettes should fit the Phantom Banshee. It is suggested that the standard one be installed since it is narrower in width.

Key Benefits
 -  Fits most chassis on the market
 -  Holds the standard 1 1/4" rear bearing
 -  Dual bolt pattern

Specifications on Standard Cassette
 -  2-6-10 Round Bolt Pattern - 3/8-16 @ 3 9/16" 
 -*  Square Bolt Pattern - 5/16-24 @ 2 9/16" (bolt pattern obsolete)

Specifications on Wide Pattern Cassette
 -  3-6-9 Round Bolt Pattern - 5/16-24 @ 3 9/16" 
 -  Square Bolt Patten - 5/16-24 @ 2 9/16"

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Nemesis, Banshee, & Phenom are trademarks of Phantom Chassis/Wiggins Kart Shop.



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