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We would like to wish good luck to all of the HDM drivers in the 2004 season. Please email us your results for posting.

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Jeff Walston, 2004 Track Champion, Paducah International Raceway, Limited Late Model

Jeff Walston, 2004 Track Champion Runner-up, Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway, Limited Late Model

Cole Rezek,4 feature wins, 5 top fives, Rookie Champ

Callie Rezek, 6 feature wins, 9 top fives , Jr. Champ

Sean O'Brien, 5 feature wins, Lite & Medium  Senior Stock

David Worth, 6 feature wins, 14 top fives, Junior 2

Derek Rucker, 1 feature win, 2 top fives, Jr. Unrestricted

Jeremy Payton, 2 top fives

Jerry Hulen, 1 feature win, Senior Champ 

Keaton Downing, 1 top five, Jr Sportsman Champ

Billy Vandergriff, 2 top fives, Medium Senior Stock


All photographs (c) driver shown in picture, Howard Photography, Carla Burkman, homeracevideos.com ,racingcorner.com, tulane kart clubphotoreflect.com, Oval Kart Magazine, Rumble in the Bluegrass, raceway photos, or Ronin

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